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ETHAN DUNLAP is a man who likes to tell jokes about Scooby Doo. He also sometimes makes comics when he feels like it.

His love of comics began during adolescence, when he spent his childhood watching Batman: The Animated Series and reading various Marvel properties. In elementary school, he routinely got in trouble for making Star Wars parody comics instead of finishing his rainforest collages.

He is currently the cartoonist of Proto Culture, the story of two government agents who like to be embarrassing man-children. He initially began the strip in high school, which updated sporadically for two years before being fully revived in October 2014.

He is also the creator of PINKERTON, a surreal miniseries about a gender neutral teenager and their adventure with a talking cat, inspired by the anime Dunlap watched growing up.

He also runs a blog where he writes about rebooting the Superman series with the cast of Community. You should follow it if you are a fan of stupid things.

He also has a Twitter, which has slightly less Community references. Slightly.