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Here is a guide to the cast of diverse characters that make up the universe of Proto Culture...and by diverse, I mean three white men and one hispanic man with a vaguely defined sexuality. Perhaps it's time to introduce more characters.


Special Agent Bob is one of the two protagonists of Proto Culture. He is an agent of C.L.A.Y.M.O.R.E. along with his hetero life-mate Secret Agent Steve, although even he is oblivious as to how he got a government job. Despite this, he is ironically among the best the agency has to offer, once killing five Russian rogues with a large gorilla. He is often prone to over-dramatic and sometimes violent outburts, usually directed at movies/games/ham sandwiches that he doesn't like. This is because he is an embarrassing man-child. However, on the inside he is a warm and loving person, if not overly quirky and naive. His last name is unknown.



He also possesses a magic t-shirt that changes logos at will.



Secret Agent Steve is the second of the aforementioned protagonists, and the hetero life-mate of Special Agent Bob (whom is his childhood friend and college roomie). As suggested by his title, he is an agent of C.L.A.Y.M.O.R.E., and is revered for his ability at identity theft. He has successfully impersonated Russian diplomats, Spanish banditos, and Senator Rick Santorum. He is more level-headed and rational than Special Agent Bob, but becomes very prone to anger when drunk. Just like Special Agent Bob, his last name is unknown.




He is also the twin brother of Ambrose from my side project PINKERTON.



Special Agent Hector Gonzalez is a co-worker of Special Agent Bob and Secret Agent Steve, whom both despise him greatly. He is a highly skilled agent of C.L.A.Y.M.O.R.E., and has the power to hypnotize people with his mustache (which he was born with). He is an extremely skilled government operative, and the agency's greatest asset. His sexuality is a mystery, as he can seduce anyone he pleases, and also has highly inappropriate "private debriefings" with The Chief. He is also known to exclaim "Hubris!" as a catchphrase, even though he is apperently oblivious as to what it means.




His father is the Pringles Man.





The Chief  is the head of C.L.A.Y.M.O.R.E., and the boss of Special Agent Bob and Secret Agent Steve. Not much is known about him (although it is rumored that he was once former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs), except that he is a highly formidable adversary and that he once killed a man with his mustache. He has an oddly "close" relationship with Hector Gonzalez, and his favourite hobby is salsa dancing on weekends (he has the feet of an angel).




He is a silly man.